How do I speed up my application to the authorities?

Do you know that: You have submitted an application to the authorities. Several weeks have passed. Several months have passed. You call the authorities, write e-mails, even drop by in person, but you receive no response. does this seem familiar to you? Do not worry! You are not alone.

German authorities are slow. Word has got around in the meantime. But do I have to put up with that? Am I at the mercy of the authorities? Can the authorities process my application when it suits them? The answer is: no!

How do I speed up my application to the authorities?

I am often contacted because the customer has submitted an application to the immigration authorities, the regional council, the tax office, the trade office, the German embassy or any other German authority, weeks have passed and still nothing has happened. The customer receives no reaction from the authorities or only receives something like: "Your application is being processed" or "Only the person responsible knows that, he will get in touch with you". It is frustrating.

But don't be discouraged. You are not without rights. You can speed up the processing. Here are 3 tips:

1. Proper delivery

For applications, deadlines and important communications with the authorities, never rely on e-mail, verbal or telephone applications alone. These are all cozy and easy to do, but tricky. You cannot prove that your application or presentation was received by the authorities and included in the file.

2. Set deadline

You have the right to find out within three months whether your application is accepted or rejected or whether you need to submit further documents. If you do not receive a response within three months, you have the right to sue the authorities for inaction (action for failure to act).

Give the authority a reasonable time to respond. A reasonable time limit depends on several factors, for example when you submitted the application, the urgency of the matter, the scope of the matter to be examined and, often connected with this, the involvement of other authorities. However, the deadline should be at least one week, usually a deadline of 10 to 14 days is appropriate.

3. Hire a lawyer

If all else fails, hire a law firm. Lawyers have more opportunities than citizens themselves to obtain information from the authorities. Lawyers communicate on an equal footing with the authorities. And lawyers know when an authority is actually working on your application and only needs a little more time and when the authority has simply forgotten you.

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