The initial legal consultation

The initial legal consultation is particularly suitable for getting an initial assessment of how an expert will assess your situation. You will have the opportunity to have your concern or problem legally evaluated by a professional lawyer.

First orientation

The lawyers will give you the first important tips and pointers as to your chances of success

Personalized solutions

Your problems and concerns are as individual as you are - our lawyers will find individual solutions

Plan your way

Ideally, you will learn that you can easily solve your problem yourself. Our lawyers will then tell you how. If you wish to be advised and represented by a lawyer, you will receive an offer from us

Thats how it works

  1. Describe your concern or problem
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Get analysis and chances of success

What do you get from the consultation?

The specialized lawyer will analyze your concern or problem and advise you on your chances of success. The lawyer makes a prognosis as to whether your request has a chance of success and how your problem can be solved. You will also receive tips and advice on what you can do yourself. If desired, you will receive an offer on how we can help you if we take over your request for you.


  • All issues concerning the German immigration law (BUT no right of asylum and no right of deportation).
  • All issues concerning German citizenship law.
  • Questions about setting up a business in Germany.
  • Questions about labor law (dismissal, warning, lawsuit against dismissal, employment contract, etc.).
You can ask any questions you may have about the above areas of law.
With the initial consultation with an attorney, you have the opportunity to receive a professional assessment of your legal matter at a manageable cost. The relevant facts will be clarified, the attorney will answer your questions, explain the essential legal aspects and point out concrete possibilities for action. You will also receive information about further costs to be expected.